The Dresden Files: What Happens in Vegas

City Creation Notes

City Creation Notes
City Name: Las Vegas
Campaign: What Happens in Vegas

Theme: Organized crime (mob, street gangs) is a way of life in Las Vegas
Aspect: Sin City
Face: Saisin Tong Du Zheng (owns the most territory, has the most power)

Threat: Casino where people gamble for souls, freedom, favors (may not be instantaneous — branded and released to be called in at a later date by a wizard; may be run by the Fae, White Court, it’s a mystery!)
Aspect: There’s Always Something to Lose
Face: the Reapers

Balance of Power
Mundane: A lot of crime, a place where bad things happen
Supernatural: A lot of supernatural there, but it’s fairly restrained and not overwhelmingly obvious; Unseelie Accords organizational chart; supernatural equivalent of Wall St (neutral by mutual interest) – supernatural Vegas is stuck in the “golden age”

Location: University of Las Vegas Library (school library but contains supernatural truths – some of the items date back to Alexandria)
Face: Stacy Goodchilde (Eidyia, Goddess of Knowledge – banished to the desert for something)

Location: The Strip (occult architecture)
Face: Little Pete (Saisin Tong representative on the strip/their territory)

Location: Pair o Dice Casino (multiple entrances through other casinos on the strip; people think they’re going into the “back room”)
Face: the Pit Boss

Location: Foxbridge Park/Little Choo-Choo Daycare (“Creepsville” – draws negative energy (ghostly children and wandering ghostly women) – borderline poverty-stricken area; “company store” region)
Face: Ms. Leslie (daycare manager – there’s something off about her)

Location: The Cabaret Jazz (upscale, classy cabaret jazz club with bar and balconey seating – see Smith Center for pictures)
Face: Two-Tone Johnny (manager, knows everybody and everybody knows him)

Face: Nadia Ivanov (street name “Nadia Bliss”, Karisa’s fixer/fence, works independently of the gangs)

Location: Sin City Brewing Company (microbrewery – quiet place to nurse a beer, on the strip but not quite on the strip)
Face: Sam (bartender, ear-to-the-ground type)

Location: St Joan of Arc Catholic Cathedral (Catholic cathedral, friendly-priest Ian is friends with)
Face: Father Sawyer (lay priest, he and Ian attended seminary together and Ian feels comfortable with him)

Location: the Luxor (supernatural neutral ground, occult overtones to the place act as wards against supernatural; top of the pyramid acts as supernatural lightning rod)
Face: the Sphinx (if you mess around here, it wakes up to enforce the rules (all 5 parts of the soul together); multiple parts of the spirit per Egyptian Mythology: TBD (Ka: Vital Spark), some guy in a nice suit with reflective glasses (Sheut: Shadow), TBD (Ib: Heart), TBD (Ren: Name), hostess in a slinky dress – the face of the face (Ba: Personality)


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