What’s in a name, especially a name like “Sin City”? While Vegas has developed into a neon metropolis, the games people play are still the same. The roulette wheels still spin, Blackjack still plays to 21, and shady dealings are still commonplace. Wealth still drives the night, and a chance to grab some of that wealth still draws visitors in droves, but The House still always seems to come out ahead.

While the natural world makes references to eras past for entertainment purposes, the supernatural world clings strongly to the jazzy golden age of Vegas. It’s one part Old World hospitality, one part territorial racketeering, a dash of neon lights, and a dash of sand, shaken (not stirred). Sin isn’t just some idea of wrongdoing purported by a moral code, it’s a palpable force. Sin rules this city, and if you don’t like it, you can always try your luck in the Mojave just beyond the city limits.

After all, what happens in Vegas…

The Dresden Files: What Happens in Vegas

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