The Dresden Files: What Happens in Vegas

Session 4: Pride Goeth Before

Thy Sins Manifest

Karisa awakens to find the coin gone. She’s sure Marcello gave it to her the night before, and she’s sure she put it away before bed, but there seems to be no sign of it anywhere. After a frantic search, she calls Marcello and asks him to check his car in case she dropped it. Still half-asleep, it takes him a moment to realize the coin is sitting on his nightstand. He’s sure he gave it to Karisa the night before too, but the coin seems to have returned on its own. He tells her they should meet at the coffee shop, and he’ll return it to her so she can turn it over to her fence.

Phee has had a busy morning. She’s called many of her contacts hoping to learn more about the missing book or Anja Pinho, but no one seems to know anything. She is, however, able to find an address. Phee calls Karisa to tell her she’s located the home of Anja Pinho, who also had an interest in both the coin and the missing book. Karisa offers to steal the book back, but Phee wants to try talking to her first in case Anja could become an ally. Karisa reluctantly agrees and tells Phee she’ll meet her in a little while.

Karisa and Marcello meet at the coffee shop, and then Karisa drops the coin off at Nadia’s. She invites him to accompany them to talk to Anja, and he agrees. By the time they’ve arrived at Phee’s pawn shop, Phee has put together a large model detailing why Anja should help them. They load the diagram and themselves into Phee’s Escalade, and they drive towards the suburbs.

Pulling into Anja Pinho’s neighborhood, they’re surprised to find Jacob staggering down the sidewalk. Karisa hurries over to check on him. He seems to be suffering from a massive hangover. After emptying his stomach into the nearby bushes, he sits down in the Escalade to enjoy some bottled water to counter the dehydration. Feeling a bit better, he, too, decides to join them as well.

Unfortunately, the bushes he vomited into appear to belong to Anja Pinho.

Phee maneuvers the Escalade into her driveway. No one answers the door when the ring the doorbell, so they check the door. It’s locked. Confident that she can find a way in, Karisa checks the windows and back door. Everything’s locked, but that’s not a problem for long. She does notice, however, that the house appears to have been ransacked.

The group chooses to enter through the back door. Jacob takes point as Marcello admonishes Phee for touching things without wearing gloves. They eventually come across Anja Pinho on the ground. She’s unconscious and looks to have been sweating terribly. There’s also evidence of something being driven hard enough into the drywall of the wall behind her to have cracked it.

As Jacob checks for a pulse, Karisa steps further into the house to make sure no one’s lurking inside. She finds a room that she immediately associates with cultlike activities: inside, she finds a wicked knife and multiple strange symbols.

Jacob decides that Anja will die if they don’t get her to a hospital soon. The group loads her into the Escalade, and they head for the nearest hospital. En route, they catch sight of Ian on a motorcycle in front of them. They watch in surprised horror as he pulls out a gun and begins shooting at seemingly random vehicles on the highway.

Phee tries to speed up to reach him in order to bump him off the road, but her vehicle is neither small nor maneuverable. Ian turns his attention to the group and fires several rounds at the Escalade. Jacob decides to take matters into his own hands, and he shoots out the back tire of the motorcycle. The vehicle skids out of control, and Ian is thrown onto the side of the road.

Karisa yells for Phee to stop the car, and she hurries out to check on him as soon as the car is stopped. (Even though she’s convinced it’s not Ian.) In spite of what should have been serious wounds, Ian picks himself up. His eyes flash yellow, and he growls. Karisa backs off and is joined by Jacob and Marcello.

Jacob tells them all to get back into the car. Marcello argues that he can’t leave him alone. Trusting the guys to handle it, Karisa follows Jacob’s instructions…but not before giving Marcello a kiss and telling him to hurry. Enraged, Ian staggers towards the car. Marcello snaps out of his shock and throws some sand into Ian’s face, and Jacob opens fire. As Phee and Karisa pull away, they can see that he’s bleeding badly — normal, red blood.

As Ian collapses, sirens wail in the distance. Both Marcello and Jacob decide they had better disappear before the cops arrive, and so they part ways. Jacob is bound for the hospital, but Marcello would like to go home and freshen up first, because his nice silk shirt was ruined. He’s also hungry — very, very hungry — and figures the hospital might not be the best place for him.

At the hospital, Anja is unloaded by the staff and is seen immediately by a doctor. Karisa tells the staff the story the group had worked out in the car — that they had an appointment with her and arrived to find her unconscious — and is soon joined by Phee in the waiting room.


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